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 March 2015 - Help Net Security

"During our trial of the datAshur USB drives, staff found they were easy-to-use, secure and provided assurance that should a device be lost or stolen, then the data contained on it would be protected using strong encryption," - Read the full review

March 2015 - HP Business Now

"Keep your business future proof with all you need to know about tech - 5 smart gadgets for travel." - Read the full review

  February 2015 - Micro Mart

"£40 might sound like a lot of money for a 4GB flash drive, but it's no rip-off. There's something this one does like no other, and that's security." - Read the full review

 January 2015 - PC Advisor

"iStorage diskAshur Pro 1TB review: one of the most secure and encrypted portable hard drives you can buy" - Read the full review

 January 2015 - Gadget Speak

"Built-in full military grade full-disk AES, 256-bit CBC hardware encryption should ensure your data is secure even if the device is lost or stolen..." - Read the full review

 December 2014 - Absolute Gadget

"The datAshur Personal is an ultra-secure USB flash drive designed for everyday use, providing peace of mind over the security of sensitive data at an affordable price, claim the manufacturers..." - Read the full review

 December 2014 - Issuu

"...this means that this storage device is perfect for stroing and transporting confidential information..." - Read the full review


" on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) " - Read the full proposal

 August 2014 - Help Net

"To use it, no software or drivers are required, and it can be used with a myriad of OSes and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Citrix, Android, Symbian, thin clients and embedded systems..." - Read the full review

 August 2014 - The Test Pit

"...Massively impressed with the drive's ability to encrypt your saved data, which is then only accessible after entering a pin number..." - Read the full review

 July 2014 - Gadget Guru

"...I admit that when I first got my hands on this I had a sneaking suspicion I could break into it, having previously used technology that claimed to be secure." - Read the full review

 April 2014 - Micro Mart

Micro Mart reviews the diskAshur Pro and awards it "Editor's Choice" - Read the full review

 February 2014 - tweb.co.za

TWeb.co.za reviews the diskAshur and says “I would recommend the device to any business that has sensitive data that needs to be protected.”  - Read the online review

 December 2013 - computerweekly.com

Everyone has had that moment where they open their bag or desk drawer and their USB stick is gone. The sheer panic at the thought of all of those files let loose in the world is enough to make you feel sick."  - Read the online review

 October 2013 - tweb.co.za

TWeb reviews the datAshur and says "I liked the DatAshur. It feels solid, can take a bit of manhandling, and definitely does what it claims to do, which is keep your data secure."  - Read the online review

November 2012 - winmagpro.nl

WinMagPro reviews the datAshur  - Read the online review (Dutch)

September 2012 - Scotsman.com

SCOTSMAN.COM reviews the datAshur secure USB flash drive and says "While the datAshur undoubtedly has great scope for use in the business market or workplace, it could certainly benefit the average computer user to know that their records are safe." - Read the online review

July 2012 - PC Advisor

PC Advisor reviews the disAshur DT and says "If you need a static secure storage with very high capacity, the iStorage diskAshur DT comes highly recommended" - Read the online review

March 2012 - Softpedia

Softpedia reviews the diskG* and says "we have seen more and more hardware encrypted
storage solutions making their way into the market, but the diskG is one of the most
innovative of them." - Read the online review

March 2012 - PC Advisor
PC Advisor introduces the diskAshur DT as the "terminator of the hard drive world" 
Read the online review

February 2012 - Advanced Photoshop
Advanced Photoshop reviews the datashur and states "Great value for a drive that is
able to deliver stunning peace of mind" - Read the full review

February 2012 - What Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone
What Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone reviews the datAshur and awards it 4/5 stars and
states "iStorage has released what is quite possibly the most secure USB stick known
to man." - Read the full  review

February 2012 - Custom PC
Custom PC reviews the datAshur and awards it 4/5 stars. - Read  the full review

February 2012 - Computer Active
Computer Active review datAshur and award it the "Buy It" award and 5/5 stars. 
Read the online review

January 2012 - Micro Mart
Micro Mart reviews the datashur and awards it "Editor's Choice" - Read the full review

January 2012 - V3 reviews the datashur and awards it 5/5 stars and states
"a very sound investment and is going to help users protect confidential information
even if it is misplaced." - Read the online review

June 2011 - Computer Active reviews diskG* and states
"Very secure; rugged design; shock- and drop-proof" - Awarded 4/5 stars  
Read the online review

March 2011 - computerweekly.com
"So what did I make of the diskG*? In a word, Brilliant. The best investment I've
made for a long time. - Overall 5/5 - Great Investment" - Read the online review

March 2011 - Alt om DATA (Denmark)
Alt om DATA in Denmark awards diskG* the "Recommended" Award 
Read the full review (in Danish)

February 2011 - Windows: The Official Magazine
"The diskG* keeps the files you store on it completely secure." - Read  the full review

February 2011 - Dundee Evening Telegraph - Awarded 5/5
"this is a gadget that could have saved many red faces" - "perfect if you want
peace of mind." - Read the full  review

February 2011 - Commonwealth Lawyers Association
"In the overcrowded storage hardware market, this ingenious device stands out
for its high level of security, elegant design, and ease of use." - Read the full review

February 2011 - SearchSecurity.de
Read the full review (in German)

December 2010 - PC Advisor
"PC Advisor includes diskG* in the "Top 5 best portable hard drives you can buy in
the UK right now" - Read the full review

October 2010 - businessinfo
"The diskG* from iStorage takes a belts and braces approach to data security." 
Read the full  review

October 2010 - The Daily Mail Online
"The iStorage diskG* could provide the answer on how best to transport sensitive
data in the most secure way possible." - Read the full review | Read the online review

August 2010 - Techworld
"the pull of the diskG* is its admirable simplicity." - Read  the full review | Read the online review

August 2010 - Micromart
"a secure storage system if you want the advantages SSD has to offer" - Read the full review

June 2010 - Computer Weekly (Inspect-a-Gadget)
"Give me a new gadget that works to its specifications and it keeps me happy for hours.
The iStorage diskG* is one such product" - Read the full review

May 2010 - The Sunday Post (Gadgets up close)
"...the diskG* is little short of a godsend" - Read the full  review | Read the online review

May 2010 - ICT Review (Computer Hardware and Software)
"...the drive must get at least 9 out of 10 if not even 10 out of 10" - Read the full review

March 2010 - Micro Mart
diskG* reviewed by Micro Mart and given 9/10 and the "Editor's Choice" Award 
Read the full  review

March 2010 - PC Plus
PC Plus reviews the diskG* and gives it a rating of 4/5 - Read the full review

March 2010 - PC Utilities
diskG* reviewed by PC Utilities and scores 82% - Read the full review

February 2010 - PC Advisor
PC Advisor reviews the diskG* and gives it a rating of 4/5 - 
Read the full review | Read the online review

February 2010 - Computer Active
Computer Active reviews the diskG* and gives it a rating of 4/5 - 
Read the full review | Read the online review

February 2010 - TechReviews
TechReviews reviews the diskG* and gives it a rating of 4/5 - 
Read the full review | Read the online review

January 2010 - diskG* review by Mr. Roger Bick, Principal Security
Consultant, Robick Associates

"The 320 GB iStorage diskG* drive arrived next day, as promised, securely
packed in its Travel Pouch..." - Read the full review


January 2010 - TIMESONLINE "Gadget of the week"
The TIMESONLINE'S glowing review of the diskG*, awarding the device the
prestigious title of "Gadget of the week" - Read the online review


* Previously known as diskGenie


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